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iron tips

A very important factor in striking the ball solidly and consistently with your irons is getting the "bottom" of your swing in front of the ball (i.e., the lowest spot in the swing's arc on the target side of the ball).

wood tips

Put a tee in the ground (without a ball) sticking up approximately 1 to 1.5 inches. You should be able to strike the tee consistently without hitting, or even brushing, the ground at all. If you miss the tee, or touch the ground in any way, don't wonder any longer why you can't hit your driver. Remember -- the longer the club, the more precision required. Practice this exercise until you can consistently clip the tee without touching the ground.

putting tips

Keep your the pressure in your hands soft and constant throughout the stroke. Sensitivity is obviously a huge part of putting. If your hands are tight on the grip you are diminishing your sensitivity. Also, if your grip pressure changes during your stroke, it's probably not a stroke but more likely a jab, flinch, spasm, push, or hit.

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Pro Golf Tip #136

Golf tempo is about the relationship between your back swing and down swing. More precisely defined, it’s the time that elapses between the moment you start your back swing to the completion of your swing. With everything there is to think about on the course, it’s easy to lose your tempo.

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